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Pricing For Funeral & Memorial Services Video Recording & Streaming

Funeral Video Service takes pride in working with our families and memorial service professionals, to create meaningful, memorable tributes to loved ones for financial compensation that is fair and reasonable for all parties. We understand that in times of grief and decision-making, it is the role of service providers to add value and comfort to the situation, not additional stress and uncertainty

Funeral Video Service is committed to doing everything within our power, to meet the objectives and budgetary goals of every client we serve.

There are several factors that come in to play when determining our fees for Funeral & Memorial Service Video Recording and Streaming. This is the reason why each client we serve receives a customized quote.

For Video Recordings, pricing variables are present at various stages of the process.  Some clients prefer natural video & audio only, while others request elements that can include captions, background music, attendee comments and in-depth post-production editing and other elements. Funeral Video Service can produce videos that use one camera or two. Distribution is also a consideration and can range from production and delivery of several DVD copies of the ceremony, to online posts of the video that can be accessed after the video has been produced.

For Streaming, factors can include whether the stream is a public or private broadcast, whether after the fact viewing on-demand is available, if the stream is also rebroadcast to other platforms such as YouTube, and if options such as social media and layers of video security are included.

Some of our loved ones are remembered at a single funeral or memorial service.  Other cases may include as many as three distinct events involving memorial services & visitations, funerals and grave site services.  Staff allocations and the amount of hours we dedicate to documenting, producing and editing our work, also play a role in determining the fees we charge.

Commemorating the lives of loved ones is much more than our professional work at Funeral Video Service.  We also view our “work” as our calling, and our opportunity to provide some solace to people in times of grief and sadness.

With the wide range of pricing and service options available to us, there is almost always a customized solution we can offer for our families that will meet their goals and budget requirements.

Accordingly, if you are a family or memorial service professional in North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia who is need of funeral service recorded video or streaming production services, please contact us. Let’s discuss your specific requirements and find a way to honor and remember your loved one. Call 919-356-1624, email [email protected], or complete our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

Here to serve you.

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