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Funeral & Memorial Service Video Recording & Streaming Process

Funeral Video Service takes pride in helping our bereaved family members and friends make a difficult time, as positive as possible.  We work closely and in a streamlined way, to help memorialize the lives of loved ones through Funeral and Memorial Service Video Recording and Streaming.

Our services begin with an efficient, organized conversation with our client.

We get the essential information we need, in order to provide our services in a professional and unobtrusive way.  We learn about the loved one, specific plans for memorial services, contact information for funeral directors and clergy, and the specific objectives and budget requirements of our families.

From there, we make direct contact with the memorial service officiants, learn more about their plans and procedures, and begin to make our plans for the best way to commemorate the ceremonies. We schedule our time and staff for the services.

If video production is involved, we work promptly after the services to produce and distribute our professional memorial service video as quickly as possible.

If streaming services are involved, we make arrangements right away, so that distant loved ones have ample time to plan to join the services online.

If our services involve a military veteran, active duty or first responder, we also work closely with the appropriate personnel so that we are able to effectively capture the special role their organization will play in the services.

Our priority is to deliver an outstanding tribute for our loved one, without creating a lot of additional work for our bereaved families.  Like a good referee at a sporting event, our job is to blend in and play our role in contributing to a meaningful result.

We do our best to be of service to every family who desires our services, and work hard to accommodate their goals and budget considerations.

To increase the likelihood that Funeral Video Service may be able to serve you, we respectfully request advance notice of at least 72 hours from the time of the memorial services.

If you are a family or memorial service professional in North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia, who is need of funeral service recorded video or streaming production services, please contact us to discuss the ways we may able to serve you. Call 919-356-1624, email [email protected], or complete our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

Here to serve you.

Please contact Funeral Video Service at [email protected]919-356-1624,  or by filling out this contact. A member of our team will follow up with you promptly. Thank you.

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